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  1. General Information

Podkarpacki Okręgowy Związek Akrobatyki  is pleased to invite you and your delegation to participate in the Rzeszów International Acro Cup.

This tournament will be organized in the city of Rzeszów, Poland from 7th to 9th October 2016. The Rzeszów International Acro Cup is open to national and regional teams as well as for individual club teams. In this tournament  there will be a competition for YOUTH, AG, AG1, JUN and SENIOR.

During this tournament a FIG World Cup will be organized.

This competition is being prepared in accordance with the FIG regulations and rules with the following age groups and categories:


YOUTH 8 years old -14 years old General rules on page 3
AGE GROUP 10 years old – 16 years old Rules for 11-16 FIG Age Group
AGE GROUP  1 11 years old – 18 years old Rules for 12-18 FIG Age Group
JUNIOR 12 years old – 19 years old Rules for 13-19 FIG Age Group
SENIOR minimum 14 years old Rules for Seniors
  1. Provisional Schedule

Wednesday – October 5th: Arrival of Delegations, accreditation/ training

Thursday – October 6th: Training and Podium Training/accreditation/ Orientation Meeting

Friday  – October 7th: Qualification : Youth, Age Group, Junior, Junior+, Senior / Opening Ceremony

Saturday  – October 8th: Qualification: Youth, Age Group, Age Group 1, Junior, Senior

Sunday  –  October 9th: Final (all categories) Farewell Party

Monday   – October 10th: Departure of Delegations


  1. Competition Venue

Sport Hall in Rzeszów, Podpromie Street 10



  1. Maximum size of delegation

Each delegation may include:

1 Head of delegation

1 Team Manager

At least 1 judge is obligatory  (See   19 . Additional Information)

Unlimited number of acrobatic teams


  1. Competition Programme

Qualifications and Finals in all 5 categories.

Qualifications (Age Group  / Age Group 1/ Junior + / Senior): 1 Balance + 1 Dynamic  exercise.

Qualifications (Youth): 1 Combined exercise (Difficulty is calculated just like in FIG 11-16 Age Group). 2min 30sec of maximum duration. General Rules:

Pairs: choose 2 balance elements from 11-16 difficulty tables + 1 optional element from FIG tables and 2 dynamic elements from 11-16 difficulty tables +1 optional element from FIG tables.

Groups: choose 1 pyramid from 11-16 difficulty tables + 1 optional pyramid from FIG tables (only 2 static holds of 3″ are required in the routine) and 2 dynamic elements from 11-16 difficulty tables + 1 optional element from FIG tables; the optional pyramid may be selected from one of the same categories used in the compulsory elements.

Individual: 2 cat. 1+2 cat. 2 individual elements must be executed (NO SALTO REQUIRED).

Finals: top six or top eight or top twelve of qualifications, depending on the amount of pairs/groups per category (1 to 8 P/G – 6 finalists; 9 to 16 P/G – 8 finalists; more  than 16 P/G – 12 finalists)

Youth – Combined (sum of the two Combined exercises Qualif. + Finaldefines the winner).

AG: 1 static or 1 dynamic exercise according FIG rules

AGE GROUP1/JUN/SENIOR: 1 combined exercise

Qualification scores determine the starting order in the finals, but scores in all finals start from zero!!!

  1. Deadlines for entries

Provisional registration :   8 June, 2016

Definitive registration:      3 August 2016

Nominative registration:   7 September 2016

All entry forms will be made available on:       www.akrobatyka.rzeszow.pl


  1. Entry Fee

35 Euro/per gymnast


  1. Accommodation / Meals / Transport

CLASS A Hotel ****

Single room / Full board       110 Euro / night / person

Double room / Full board     90 Euro / night / person

CLASS B Hotel ****

Single room / Full board         100 Euro / night / person

Double room / Full board        80 Euro / night / person

CLASS C Hotel  ***

Single room / Full board           80 Euro / night / person

Double room / Full board          70 Euro / night / person

CLASS D Hotel  **

Single room / Full board           70 Euro / night / person

Double room / Full board          65 Euro / night / person

Triple room/ Full board             55 Euro/ night / person


Full board is included in accommodation packages. Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be served in the competition hall.

The prices charged for the hotel rooms will not exceed the usual hotel rates (including Full Board – breakfast, lunch, dinner- and transportation). Hotel rooms will be allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis.

The Head of Delegation will receive meal tickets upon arrival at accreditation.



Transfers by bus to and from the Jasionka airport and Rzeszów Train Station to the official hotel, as well as from the official hotel to the competition hall, will be provided to all delegations included in the Accommodation Package.

  1. Deadlines for Entries and Finance Obligations

Provisional entry: by 8th June 2016 (NO PAYMENTS)

Definitive entry:    by 3rd August 2016 (50% ACCOMMODATION + 100 %ENTRY FEE)

Nominative entry: by 7th September 2016


Bank info:

BANK PKO BP,  Oddział 1 Rzeszów, ul. 3 – go Maja 23


IBAN   – PL 04 1020 4391 0000 6102 0074 5083

BENEFICIARY NAME – Podkarpacki Okręgowy Związek Akrobatyki Sportowej w Rzeszowie

  • The delegations are responsible for covering travel expenses, accommodation, meals and entry fee.
  • The entry fee is not refundable.
  • All delegations must bring (at least) 1 Judge – NO JUDGE PENALTY: 250

-All participants must be booked trough the Rzeszów International Acro Cup OC.

  1. Visa

If you need an official invitation to obtain a visa to travel to Poland, please contact the OC as soon as possible.

  1. Insurance

All delegations are responsible for ensuring the appropriate coverage against accidents and illness. The OC will verify the certificates of insurance of all delegation members upon arrival at accreditation. All accredited persons who cannot provide proof of adequate insurance coverage will not be allowed to compete.

  1. Medical Services

Medical services during the competition will be provided by a team of paramedics with ambulance service.

  1. Media Representatives

Media representatives (journalists, photographers, TV) must request a special accreditation from the OC. Please contact the OC before September 7th, to be eligible to a Media Accreditation. The media will be assigned special areas and working conditions.

  1. Accreditation / Tariff sheets / Music

Accreditation at:


Wednesday, 5th  October     from 12:00 – 22:00

Thursday, 6 th October        from 9:00 – 22:00

The accreditation system identifies individuals participating in the competition and ensures controlled access to each area. All participants and officials are required to wear accreditation cards at all times.

At accreditation, the Head of Delegation must check the correct names of their complete delegation, verify accommodation requirements, make the necessary payments (including insurance, if necessary) and hand in the music CDs of the competitors (just one copy for safety). They also have to present the passports of all competitors and judges for control of nationality and age. The definitive competition Schedule will be given to the Head of Delegation.

The accreditation is personal, non-transferable and compulsory to control access to training and competition hall, functions, official transport, lunches and dinners.

Without your accreditation card, you cannot pass the security control and you cannot participate in lunches, dinners, etc. So, if you loose your accreditation card, you will have to buy a new one for the price of 100 €.

Tariff sheets must be in our possession at the latest by 18 September 2016. Please email them to tariffsheets.rzeszow@gmail.com You will receive an acknowledgement of reception. Make sure each tariff sheet is on one page and in pdf format.

Music: we ask you to send the music as MP3files to music.rzeszow@gmail.com Deadline 18 September 2016.

How to name the MP3 files?

Structure: Competition number_Level_Category_Country_Gymnasts_Routine

The competition number for each team will be communicated to the club/federation after the nominative entry has been received.

Levels: YOUTH, AG, JUN, JUN+ and SEN

Categories: WP, MP, MxP, WP and MG

Country: 3-letter country code e.g. POL, USA

Gymnasts: first letters of first names of each gymnast of the team. E.g.: a team composed of ANNA, KATARZYNA and WIKTORIA will give: AKW

Routine: Balance: Bal; Dynamic : Dyn; Combined: Com

Example: 153_AG_WG_POL_AKW_Dyn

Nevertheless, for safety reasons, 1 music CD (for each routine) must be given to the OC upon arrival at accreditation.

  1. Orientation Meeting

The orientation meeting will take place at the Sports Hall on  October 6th. This meeting is for Head of Delegation, Team Managers, Judges and Coaches. Each head of delegation will receive the official competition plan.

  1. Opening Ceremony

2  gymnasts  and   1   coach  will  be  requested  to  participate  in the Opening Ceremony on October 7th The National or Team tracksuit must be worn.

  1. Prize Money & Medal Award Ceremonies

Only the first three places will be requested to participate in the Medal Award Ceremonies. They are requested to appear in competition suit.

PRIZE MONEY will be given for the JUN and SENIOR competition if, per category, at least 6 teams are in the finals and teams from at least 3 different countries entered the competition (qualifications) in that category.


lst place – 50 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)

2nd place – 40 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)

3rd place – 30 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)


lst place -90 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)

2nd place – 70 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)

3rd place – 50 Euro (for each partner of the Pair/Group)

3 best pairs/groups in YOUTH, AG, AG1 competition will not be given any prize money but some gifts.

  1. Farewell Party

A farewell party will be organized and will be followed by disco and dance. All delegations that have booked their accommodation with the OC are invited to participate without additional payment.

Extra tickets will be available at the OC office at 30 € per person.

  1. Additional Information

All further information concerning the detailed program will be given with the official work plan, in September 2016.

Additional payments:

No judge on delegation: 250

All participants must be booked through the Rzeszów International Acro Cup’16 OC.


  1. Organizing Committee

Podkarpacki Okręgowy Związek Akrobatyki Sportowej

Contact:  Pułaskiego Street 13 a, 35-011 Rzeszów

Email: 2016.riac@gmail.com


                                          SEE YOU IN RZESZÓW!!!


Organizing Committee

Podkarpacki Okręgowy Związek Akrobatyki Sportowej
Pułaskiego Street 13 a,
35-011 Rzeszów
Email: 2016.riac [at] gmail.com